WeChat printer ” 99 ” ” free ” hidden behind the huge business opportunit jinshen

WeChat printer " 99 "   " free " hidden behind the huge business opportunities – the media – people.com.cn original title: WeChat printer "99" as if the night, major shopping malls, the capital of the supermarket have emerged "sweep the two-dimensional code can be free to print photos" of the machine, it is all sorts of strange things. Some, like ATM machines, some like electronic billboards, as well as the size of the CD player. By "free kick" two characters by the circle WeChat fans ignore machine "yen value", to "sweep out mobile phone". But is it really good? Free photo print "powder artifact" sweep the two-dimensional code, upload photos, photos and printed out minutes! Really good cool!" Coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, who lives in Beijing, Shijingshan District long mother took to the whole family, old and young shopping, has just entered the mall was immediately placed at the door marked "free print photos" sign of the machine attracted, could not help but take out the mobile phone and swept the. As a result, less than 30 seconds to get a fresh baked photos, surprise Yo Mama immediately excited in WeChat circle of friends drying up. The results, except for the two long without a mobile phone, yo father, grandfather and grandmother all had a free photo print by the addiction, took pictures of grinning. Similar scenes, 30 km away from the city of Chaoyang Yue Yue is also common. In front of the mall a "slightly India" WeChat printer can print 4 photos for free, if you want to print it, each will charge 2 yuan, "often see some familiar faces from time to time for free to print photos, we run the mall!" The staff white smiled and said, "the occasional cardboard case, but it seems that the enthusiasm of the people is not affected by this." For WeChat powder, the operation of the printer is very simple. Just open the WeChat, "sweep the two-dimensional code on the display, a number of public attention to WeChat, and then their love photo or scene photographs sent to the WeChat public number, in 30 seconds from the box shaped device to get printed photos. Tsinghua University near Koreatown a restaurant manager ran full of praise for the free WeChat Photo Printer: printing equipment manufacturers are free on-site installation, we only need to burden the machine electricity costs and the cost of printing paper can be. Since the on-line machine, very popular with everyone, the average daily print more than and 100 photos’ no pressure’." In fact, the print is not a single big, good impression of the people, LOMO time machine, printed beauty, micro shot and other brands are to occupy a certain market. People make such products are collectively referred to as "WeChat printer", is actually an interactive tool to help businesses attract fans of the line, the maximum value is that can help businesses online under the rapid accumulation of fans, to establish contact with the target consumers, especially in the line of business and promotional activities, has a very good effect to attract fans and improve the site popularity role. WeChat printer powder相关的主题文章:

8 aerobic exercise let you easily lose a month of 10 pounds – people Jiangsu Channel – People disise.com

8 aerobic exercise   let you lose 10 pounds a month easily — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: 8 aerobic exercise makes you easily lose 10 pounds a month of aerobic exercise to lose weight is the most popular method, the most common aerobic exercise: walking, brisk walking, jogging, walking, skating, long distance swimming, biking, shadowboxing, dancing, doing aerobics, skipping ball games such as basketball, football and so on. Aerobic exercise is characterized by low intensity, rhythm, uninterrupted and long duration. Non aerobic exercise compared with the outbreak of the same weight lifting, running the high jump, long jump, throwing, aerobic exercise is a kind of constant movement, is for 5 minutes or more a movement. Here is how to correctly exercise to get rid of the body of the damned fat. First of all, look at what to do aerobic exercise preparation work: 1, eat foods rich in amino acids. In the burning of fat and muscles will tighten and become sore, and before exercise or have some similar seafood rice and vegetable roll amino acid rich foods such Mapo Tofu, can better relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. Have a hot drink before exercise, 2. Can effectively promote the body preheating, The new supersedes the old., send the best results in the shortest time to play sports. 3, should relax after exercise. 4, before or after the exercise is recommended to do a good job to ensure aerobic exercise, to avoid the discomfort caused by hypoxia. Then, let us look at the easy to lose fat 8 aerobic exercise: a swimming calories: about 800 hours swimming is the best way, when you swim is used to coordinate the body, can make people relax, no burden, but also improve heart and lung function. Two: running calories: 600 hours of correct jogging can make your muscles relax slowly, and there is the effect of decompression, an hour a day, do not want to thin hard. Choose a good pair of sports shoes before running. Three: Dance calories: 600-800 hours dance not only can let you have a perfect body, can make you relax, if you have free time, may wish to learn on their own at home, or at dance class line. Believe me half an hour every day, want to thin where thin where. Four: cycling calories: 500-1000 hours must choose appropriate riding speed, remember Caution. Weight loss effect is very obvious. Five: tennis consumption of calories: 500-1000 hours is very powerful exercise, especially good for the heart, the most important stomach, three times a week better. Six: rope skipping calories: 440 card half an hour rope skipping is very simple, although simple, but the weight loss effect is very good, every day for 30 minutes, so you can reduce the size of a week of 1 pounds of meat. Seven: walking calories: 360 hours of walking can not only strengthen the cardiovascular, maintain body and相关的主题文章:

Costume drama ratings remain in the dark screen innovation is a magic weapon to save the market douke

The costume drama innovation is still in the doldrums, viewing screen rescue magic? "Beautiful" Weiyang "Legend of the Phoenix" teemhigh warriors led by Wu Xiubo "military alliance" is next year hit show recently, major TV investment in TV in the season like a raging fire, out of the play list, the big Costume IP is still a hot market, a strong star cast, a huge fan base, let this batch of IP series did not broadcast the first heat, pocketed the eye. But it must be pointed out that although the topic IP drama, the ratings performance is not good, most of the traditional television adaptations IP big ratings mediocre, with their "big name" does not match. It is worth noting that a large number of IP recently hit drama innovation concept, through innovation of plot, cast, and other forms of impress the audience, it is tempting to wonder: innovation can really become a costume drama rescue magic? Planning: Su Lei wrote: Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss its grid status: sageuk ratings downturn released the latest ratings data show that TV drama "Qingyun Zhi", "city of fantasy" and other ratings slump, this result with two high expectations of the audience before the show aired value is seriously inconsistent. Because the "Qingyun Zhi", "city of fantasy" is a big IP, but also is the star studded cast from on high, so many of the audience before the broadcast on the two shows expected. Unfortunately, after the broadcast is not ideal. In fact, the costume drama ratings downturn has lasted for some time, although from Sofres ratings survey data show that this summer’s actual TV operation rate was significantly positive growth, the 360 million school-age audience all day long boot rate reached 11.31%, than in the first six months of the year starting rate (9.54%) rose by nearly 20% but most of the provincial TV ratings in performance compared to 2015 decline, is regarded as the hot summer drama "Zhi", "nine Qingyun sky", "city of fantasy" and other popular drama ratings best score is only 1. Time back a bit, the first half of this year a few IP drama "lonely empty court to late spring", "Princess" female doctors, although the lineup and platform is not weak, but the ratings that do not. From the watercress score data, 2016 TV series were also lower than last year, said: "the audience ratings are not good also blame IP, the content of rough changes, how could the original fans buy it?" In addition, insiders believe that the current "popular novels and dramas on Star dependence is very high, with similar themes to get together, leading the audience for this type of costume IP" immune "ratings, so gradually faded aura. Future: Costume big IP is still a hot market, but IP heat will not subside in a short time. Recently, the five major TV has announced the 2017 drama intends to schedule table, plus the 2016 quarter of fourth to be broadcast drama, it is not difficult to see, the screen is still a big IP drama of the world. Recently, Tang Yan and Luo Jin [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Vanness Wu, [micro-blog], Mao Xiaotong [micro-blog] and other co starred in the costume drama "Jinxiu Weiyang" fixed gear announced November 11th, landing in Beijing TV and Oriental TV prime time)相关的主题文章:

The report said the next three years in the office of strong demand in Shanghai ranked second – mark www49vv.com

The report said the next three years in the office of strong demand in Shanghai ranked second – market dynamics – Shanghai Leju network?? a report by the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm CB Richard Ellis issued 15 shows that Chinese enterprises will expand in the future three years, strong demand for office building, which is still the most large Beijing the central enterprises and technology enterprises headquarters selectively, office needs the most powerful. The name of the Chinese enterprise office user survey white paper shows that 57% of the respondents in the next few years, the Chinese enterprises have increased personnel plans in the office market also has a strong willingness to expand the market in. ?? More than 30% of the respondents said it will continue to expand in the original layout of the city rent. Combined with the expansion of rent and new demand, the next three years, the most strong demand for Chinese enterprises in Beijing office. In recent years, Chinese enterprises play an important role in the office market. Data show that in 2015 the contribution of Chinese funded enterprises in the country’s 17 major cities in the new demand for office buildings by 83%. The survey shows that economic uncertainty and rising costs are the biggest challenges in the future of enterprise management. Reflected in the enterprise site strategy, office property costs are still the most important consideration. ?? However, CBRE consulting and trading services in Greater China director Huang Yu pointed out that although the management cost is still one of the most important tasks of business real estate management, but in order to improve the performance of employees, to attract talents for the purpose of flexible design and encourage cooperation and the sustainability of healthy workplace strategy. A real estate management enterprise strategic focus gradually in the global scope. The survey results show that more and more Chinese enterprises began to recognize this trend, and some Chinese companies began planning their office space strategy. According to reports, the investigation to take a random form, a more comprehensive coverage of the current domestic main second tier cities in the office of the mainstream Chinese enterprises in the market tenants. Survey shows that Beijing is still the headquarters of most large central enterprises and science and technology enterprises to choose, nearly half of the survey of Chinese enterprises headquartered in Beijing. Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen headquarters of the enterprises accounted for 18%, respectively, 14% and 10%. Wuhan and Chengdu enterprises in the second city in the number of points of advantage is obvious, reflects the regional center of the city two above the city location. In addition, the survey found that, in contrast to the Asia Pacific region, Chinese enterprises per capita office space is low, nearly 24% of the enterprise per capita area of less than 8 square meters. CB Richard Ellis believes that, in addition to the appropriate expansion of rent, to further optimize the efficiency of the use of office space has become an important choice for enterprises to deal with personnel growth.  : Important Tips: this page content, designed to meet the needs of the majority of users to collect information provided, not advertising service information. The contents contained in the page does not represent the views or opinions of the site, for user reference and reference, and ultimately to the developer of the actual publicity prevail. Pre-sale of commercial housing must be made pre-sale permit, the user needs to carefully examine the developer’s certificate information in the purchase.  相关的主题文章:

Prediction of the double chromosphere 16127th phase the leading Sohu – see prime codes www.ddd13.com

Prediction of the double chromosphere 16127th phase: the leading Sohu prime code view loans 2016126 lottery results for 020612171819 + 10, and the value fell to 74 points, 1 road and tail values separated by three period coming back up, this let us use Shuangseqiu today in history tool to further analyze the calendar year 127 award number law: the period from 2005 to 2015 a total of 127 out of 11, more than 10 leading award, only open a period (in particular in 2011127 out of 16), the other 10 were in the range of 01-07 falls, of which the red 02 was the most active, the 2016127 should be considered small values leading continued to fall, mainly optimistic about the performance of prime number. Take another look at performance in the past 127 Phoenix number lottery, skewed 1 prefix in only 2009127 out of 16 Phoenix, another 3 out of a total of 6 period award number prefix, showing some hot, 2 prefix numbers are out of 25-28-29-27, numerical fluctuations, the next period and sixth to 3 prefix red ball closeout. From the history of the 11 period and the value of the ball data observed below 100 points and the total value of out of 7, and the minimum value is 70, and the maximum value is 96; more than 100 points and only out of 4, the control points in the 100-136 range fluctuated slightly, 2016127 Lord above 100 and the value of force. From the number of consecutive odd odd number form, continuous code in the 11 group (2005127 out of 5 in period 2006127, 2011127, 2012127 and 2014127 respectively), the remaining six odd number group number for all 02016127 consecutive odd number of continuous covering weak signal can be ruled out, kill form code 1113, 2527. In the history of the 11 period award number basketball ball are 12-01-11-13-04-01-11-08-14-12-06, the size ratio of 6:5, ratio of 5:62016127 parity advice sought after small, odd number (size: 01-08 is small, 09-16 is big). 8+2 duplex recommendation: 03,06,07,20,26,28,31,32 + 01,03 6+1:03,06,20,26,31,32 + 03相关的主题文章:

The audit mechanism loopholes open shop black out frequent dataload

The audit mechanism loopholes open shop "black takeaway" frequency of September 20th, Nanping Wanda Plaza Ming Di District No. 1 room 2-9, a takeaway shop, by the business department and the food and drug seized. Wash dishes in the toilet so dare to eat it? 21 days and 22 days, the Chongqing Morning Post reported continuous Nanping Wanda Ming district and Jiangbei Guanyin Bridge red Ding international residential building block A hidden unlicensed takeaway things (see the Chongqing morning news 21, 8 edition, 22 edition 11). The publication of the report, more and more readers reflect to the Chongqing Morning Post: "there are a lot of black takeaway near their home". These unlicensed "black out" come from, how they boarded a stately takeaway ordering platform known as the network audit strictly? Chongqing morning news reporter conducted an investigation. A large number of online "open takeaway stores according to the U.S., Baidu takeaway and hungry official website, want to set up shop in the network ordering platform, need to submit store basic information, legal qualification information and other materials, and the need to undergo a rigorous audit system. But on the Internet, but there are a lot of businesses that can be on behalf of the takeaway shop. In the name of a "hungry U.S. shop" QQ group, group information that can help the U.S. group, hungry shop services, as long as the main group into the group and private chat, and claimed that the package. Reporters want to open a takeaway shop grounds, apply to join the hungry what the United States to take away the store group QQ group, the administrator quickly passed the application group. Want to open a takeaway in the United States mission, what information?" In the face of a reporter’s question, QQ group answered very simply: with positive and negative photo ID card, mobile phone number, address, name and store 8 pictures of food can. Can also be arranged without qualification is not neat, no physical store related business license, also can shop? In this regard, the other party is very confident, only two words: "too!" How to pack? Reporters want to ask is how to operate with him, but only that they have a way through the network platform takeaway audit. If it is sincere to shop, can open shop name and address to him, such as takeaway all right on-line business to pay. Subsequently, the reporter also found in the Taobao the same cow a takeaway shop assistant, the businessman bluntly in the United States and hungry, you can open the shop on behalf of: U.S. mission 600 yuan, hungry for $350. "If there is no relevant qualifications checked out, how to do?" Not take it seriously each other on the reporter’s concerns, promise to reporters that there is absolutely no problem. At least the store should be qualified to complete the store, the reporter called the United States takeaway customer service phone to understand the situation. Customer service staff said that businesses want with U.S. of group purchase cooperation, first submit business information, including real name, mobile phone number and license information; review the U.S. mission to provide businesses after qualification, 3 working days of telephone communication through the audit business, finally to come to negotiate business in the on-line platform. Similarly, if businesses want to open in the U.S.相关的主题文章:

Wenzhou to build Red Net – Zhejiang Channel – people.com.cn 7470d

Wenzhou: to build "Red Net" – Zhejiang channel — people.com.cn original title: to build "Red Net" Wen Gong Yang Xiang Party cadres in road repair. Debris flow caused by blocked roads in Taishun, people trapped, armed police to clear the rescue. This is a tough anti taiwan disaster relief. Yesterday (September 29th), the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" struck, bringing heavy winds and rain to Wenzhou, hit: roads collapsed, houses collapsed, damaged dikes…… At the critical moment, Wenzhou a grass-roots party members and cadres to fight for the backbone of the masses. They transfer dangerous area personnel to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the masses. Many of them went to the first time the anti taiwan relief front, in front of the danger quickly pulled the "Red Net", with practical action to highlight the public servant character. Before the war and repair the traffic safety of people "catfish" yesterday after landing assault, Wencheng heavy rain. At 5:30 yesterday afternoon, due to the continuous rain and Baizhang reservoir, Wencheng? Highway interrupted 20 towns, Wencheng County roads are different blocked. In the face of this disaster, Wencheng Township Party cadres take the lead in the demonstration, the first charge, and actively organize personnel, coordination of Highway Administration workers in Wencheng County, quickly put the wrecker, repair. As of press time reporter at 6 o’clock last night, most of the blocked County Road, township road has been reopened. The "catfish", yesterday, Gong Yang Xiang Yang Cun, Wencheng County public three road construction in the collapse, when the debris covered the entire road, causing the road impassable barrier. This road is the main road through the township public Yang, Yang Yang Township Party committee learned that the first time in danger, immediately organized all Party members and cadres to clean up the road, within one hour to complete the clean-up and opening. Affected by the typhoon, strong winds and heavy rain occurred Zhou Shan Yu Wencheng Township domain, yesterday morning local rainfall reached 334 mm, resulting in canal irrigation, rice paddies, rural area has more than 30 road collapse, the collapse also blocked the School Lane Rural highway. In order to protect the rural highway traffic safety, yesterday morning, Zhou Shan Yu township party secretary Liu Yizhong led the team members to pick up shovels, hoes and other tools, combined with the village cadres in the rain to collapse point remove the collapse site clean up branches, stone, hand shovel of soil, although the rain wind whistling, rain hit in the face and body but, we are not. About forty minutes later, the mud stones and broken trunk roads blocked by clearing a dirt road "". At the same time, the party members and cadres rescue team is still in the rest of the impact of the safety of the landslide site placed warning signs to remind people to pay attention to safety. On the job busy time to attend their own room inspections collapsed yesterday, with the invasion of the typhoon "catfish", Taishun is in the wild storms. The same day, Taishun County shut down closed, but a health of the county family planning medical station on Party cadres are in the rain stick to their posts, even their houses collapsed or do not know. What happened yesterday at 2 am, the county Xiao Cun Zhen stormier, a village located in Yuxi wood house collapsed in the storm raging, fortunately, two elderly people living in the house. The old man相关的主题文章:

With the history of compensation Dortmund instability in Monaco as a guest at home court three restorator

With the history of compensation: Dortmund instability in Monaco as a guest at home court three   Dortmund VS Berlin Herta round of the Bundesliga is certainly the focus of the war against the Berlin Dortmund home court Herta of the game, the game of the final results will be directly related to the League for the two or three, so the two sides must go all out. This round of FIFA virus attack again Dortmund, additional 4 wounded soldiers, the number of the wounded Dortmund have been up to 11, of which there are 8 players is the main team, Berlin Herta this season, the 6 league games 4 wins 1 flat 1 negative achievements, in addition to the Allianz Arena in the defeat. The other 5 matches for Berlin Herta each at least two balls into the face of the broken line Dortmund absolutely may grab points. The disc made 1.75 ball chupan concessions for the home team in Dortmund, then the water level rises, the compensate the Lord – odds has hovered between 1.25 to 1.30, can be said that no matter the compensate disc data is relatively optimistic about the Dortmund win. But don’t forget, too many of the wounded at Dortmund will definitely affect the performance of the team, plus the next week in the Champions League and task, and Berlin Herta this season’s performance has been good, the season just lost to the overlord Bayern canzhen attack, epicycle away against the Hornets, Herta absolutely has upset capital and strength. The promotion: 1, 0. The Spaniard Lars Palmas VS Saturday morning League eighth first round match, Lars Palmas played in three games this season home court are very good, the first 5 to 1 victory over Granada, second games 1 to 0 victory over Malaga, third games 2 to 2 draw with Real Madrid, and more than 4 of last season Lars Palmas home court 0 Spaniards play staged this time, once again faced with the Spanish home court naturally confident. The Spaniard this season is not ideal, score of 1 wins 3 flat 3 negative wandering in the relegation, the biggest problem is the excessive reliance on the team’s top scorer in the G. Baragu Arnaut G. Baragu Arnaut, as long as the goal of the game can get points, but G. Bala Cournot since September 23rd after the goal is no longer open, Spanish team also went into the downturn. The disc made 0.25 ball Las Palmas concessions, the nearly 5 home court made 0.25 ball in the game, winning all 5 games. The index can be seen, the winning trading volume is as high as 36.2%, from the point of view, certainly do not want to see the Spaniard to win results. Both the two track or two team recent state, the possibility to take all 3 points home court Palmas great. This promotion: 3 Toulouse VS Monaco Ligue ninth round match against Monaco in Toulouse, from the last 5 games record, Monaco with 4 wins and 1 draws occupy absolute advantage. Last season only by one relegation Toulouse team to start the season performance, a home court game with excellent anti tactical 2 to 0 victory over the Paris team this season, 3 wins enough that their home court home court combat strength. Monaco since 2 for相关的主题文章:

In order to buy a house has been divorced 2 times married 3 times in Tianjin the three people togeth aspack

In order to buy a house has been divorced 2 times married 3 times in Tianjin the three people fight a couple only one suite, even if there is no money, one after two divorces and two marriages, the whole family can "wolf" to buy second suites, not only to avoid the purchase of credit limit, but also in the next few years the mortgage for the month set out. "Eat melon masses" don’t be surprised, this is a true story. Case: This is true in order to protect the privacy of the parties, the following were told by letters instead of. Mr. A and MS. B are husband and wife in Tianjin near Gulou a well-known real estate, 5 years before the loan to buy a set of more than and 70 square meters alone, after the beginning of the year and the loan, repaid all loans, the original 1 million buy, the current market price of about 3 million. In March this year, housing prices rose two, the couple want to buy a house near, but no down payment, in the "sensible" under the guidance of the tour began to toss, mainly divided into four steps: the first step: Mr. A and MS. B divorce, the house owned by Mr. A holds, Ms. B wiped out households, then the divorce card shows that Mr. A and MS. B "divorced". The second step: Ms. B and Mr. C, her husband bridge "first marriage to divorce, the divorce certificate shows Mr C and MS B, MS B," divorced "and" husband "Mr. A, completely disassociate in various materials in the relationship, no longer reflect Mr. A’s divorce certificate name, to avoid the question bank in the mortgage application when the. The third step: Ms. B borrowed Shoufu and taxes about 700 thousand, from the "husband" Mr. A there to 2 down payment, the loan to buy the original housing; at the same time, "the young former husband" Mr. A, the district also bought a value of 5 million of the two rooms one hall, and agreed to pay 2 months later shoufu. The fourth step: Ms. B to complete the transfer procedures, 20% down payment loans purchased Yishiyiting original property; Mr. A got 3 million sell 1629, pay 1 million to 20% Shoufu, Shoufu loans purchased two bedroom houses, Mr. A and MS. B to remarry. After tossing, Mr. A and MS. B’s two sets of real estate, the total market capitalization of about 8000000, after pay off the loan 700 thousand, remaining about 1200000 in cash, two months for a total of more than 30 thousand suites, about 1200000 at least 3 years can guarantee the mortgage for the month. Vigilance: the risk is not small, in fact, such a case is not new, in the purchase of more stringent restrictions on the loan of other cities, fake marriage this approach has long been used. A bank customer manager told reporters that this year has encountered many such mortgage applications, from the angle of mortgage approval, all the formalities at least look compliance, and there is no reason to refuse, had to sigh, "master in folk". In the past, the more common is the divorce, one single, you can enjoy the first treatment, with 20% down payment buyers. But to buy back their house property, one of the couple can only find the bridge husband or bridge wife experience before marriage and divorce, the original spouse relationship information, top out". This reporter consulted a second-hand housing agency, home consultant Mr. Wen said, not every couple are suitable for!相关的主题文章:

Hefei 55 year old uncle met 20 year old Lolita to exchange 45 thousand lost contact vy canis majoris

Hefei 55 year old uncle met 20 year old Lolita to exchange 45 thousand lost contact in March last year, Hefei Ding met a 20 year old girl named Xiaohua online, in less than half the time, on behalf of Mr. Ding Xiaohua to help, Mr. Ding repeatedly to borrow money, Mr. Ding to the total strangers the strange girl to remit 45 thousand yuan. However, from the beginning of May this year, she suddenly lost contact. Mr. Ding met online to find a part-time Lolita QQ group, unexpected understanding Nvwang Mr. Ding, 55 years old this year, is the deputy general manager of a company in Hefei last year, facing the company shut down, for a time, he was very anxious. After learning about the plight of the company, Mr. Ding went to the Internet to see a part-time job. If the unit does not work, he can find something to do. Mr. Ding told reporters about then, Mr. Ding into a part-time group called Hefei QQ group, where he met her. Mr. Ding in the group found that there is such a girl: she sent out for some help, always say, how to do ah, have come out so many days, and have not found a job, immediately have no food to eat". This person is xiaohua. The two sides chats to lend a helping hand to help "dilemma" in female netizen Xiaohua claiming to be in Qianshan, his parents divorced, a person to Hefei to work hard, because can not find work, life is very difficult. Perhaps it is because of facing the same dilemma in life, see helpless Xiaohua, Mr. Ding could not help a few words of comfort. Anyway, you are still young, since out of trouble, there will always be difficulties, slowly come". Results on the second day, she took the initiative to find mr.. Bill: big brother, right? Man: Oh, yeah. W: can you lend me 100 dollars now, I’ll go and buy some food. Mr. Ding: eat well, always want to change, can help one to help, so he gave her one hundred dollars. Mr. Ding said Xiaohua has been very sensible, and his thanks, also took the initiative to report their status from time to time. In early April, Xiaohua told Mr. Ding to find their own work, in a brand clothing store, clothing store also sent the photos to him. Mr. Ding was Xiaohua happy, but she said he had no money to pay training fees and installation fee, so no entry. Ding would like to help people in the end, I feel like this can be a comfort in their hearts, the other side will certainly feel a warm. Mr. Ding said, Xiaohua younger than her own daughter, so for her every time he refused to help. Female: big brother, thank you, you for me well, I will never forget, I have money, will repay you, Xiaohua said. Man: you’re welcome. You’ll get along with me in the future. Claiming the mother fell ill, after constantly borrow money on a few days, Xiaohua suddenly gave Mr. Ding sent a message saying that her mother was ill at home. Female: big brother, do you still have money to lend me? I’m sorry, I really can not borrow money, my mother to pay hospital fees, medical expenses, I go to work slowly.相关的主题文章:

Li Guangdou’s super network red opened Trump elected the mystery – Sohu Culture Channel www.cqpx.cc

Li Guangdou’s "super network red" opened Trump elected the mystery – Sohu Culture Channel [global network reported] "super red net" Trump won, after 10 months of the campaign, Trump realized from New York to Washington, from the legendary real estate tycoons across to the president of the United states. Since Trump announced in 2015 to participate in the presidential campaign, the attention of a straight line, not only attracted the attention of the American people, but also attracted the eyes of the people of the world. In the United States, Trump said Trump has described his even woman and children all know, known in the United States: a lot of people probably didn’t speak English, but the sight of Trump will shout the name of Trump. The campaign succeeded in making Trump the most cattle of the super red". So, Trump, what is how to achieve the legendary cross? By Li Guangdou’s "super net red" Trump was elected to uncover mystery.   IP has become the focus of Li Guangdou in the "super network of personal IP red" is understood with personal identification and clear value proposition, can continue to produce content, at the same time, has a strong user stickiness and the transmission potential. In the Internet era, IP has become the focus of attention of the public, only with a strong and distinctive personality characteristics, in order to get people’s attention, the red network of personal IP to create especially. "Where I come from, where to go, who am I?" sounds like a cliche, but only to clear their own strengths and weaknesses in the contents of the output when weaknesses, targeted. Both the chest crushed stone, or unarmed split durian, three hundred and sixty total to two. The traditional media build personal IP are to spread the form of foreign propaganda, but from the media era of personal IP is more focused on how to attract attention, the importance of two different forms reflects the "super red net" this special identity. Trump with a red gene network in the social media platform of success to the global market themselves, Trump familiar people know that Trump has always been to "mouth" is famous, Trump’s victory is the victory from the media is red net economic victory, if not Trump own IP network red gene, it is very difficult to imagine this a wealthy, exclusive, issued exaggeration of the bad old man to become president of the United States, a series of statements, make him a worthy of the name "riff hand", however he this "groundless talk" of speech but can arouse many people at the bottom of the appetite, so Trump in the network has a large number of "passion powder", thus network popularity soared as the "super red net", visible, Trump during the campaign of his personal IP to play to the extreme, accumulated a certain network popularity for the campaign. Content detonated spread super net red mentioned only the best quality to form a truly effective high level traffic. In this process, the content of sinking and concentrated to the individual (Wang Hong), rely on personal image release (behind the strong support team), quality content and brand advantage to complete the docking, for a specific target market of precision marketing, and ultimately realized wealth. Trump said that he does not love Chinese, also think we should be in the border with Mexico repair a wall blocking!相关的主题文章:

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